Scouting in Colchester

Age Groups

Beaver Scouts aged 6-8 yrs

Cub Scouts aged 8- 10 1/2yrs

Scouts aged 10 1/2 -14 yrs

Explorer Scouts aged 14-18 yrs

Scout Network aged 18-25 yrs

There are three types of Scout Troops – Land, Sea and Air and all these are available in Colchester. Whichever you choose they are all within a 10 minute journey or on a bus route.

Welcome to Colchester Estuary District Scouts

If interested, please contact Stu Gibson, 31 Meyrick Crescent, Colchester CO2 7QY Tel: 530120. We are always pleased to welcome new young members adult leaders, helpers and skills instructors.

26th Colchester Garrison Sea Scout Group. Beaver Scouts & Cub Scouts – 34th Colchester Scout HQ, Maldon Road; Scouts – 30th Scout HQ, Rayner Road

Group contact: Tony Jay – Tel: 866995 or 793059. Email

Beaver Scouts - Rayner Road, CO2 9AA 18:00-19:00 Fridays

Cub Scouts Shrub End Road, 18:00 - 19:15 Tuesdays 

Scouts Rayner Road 1845-2045 Thursdays

Explorers - Shrub End Road 19:30 - 21:30 Tuesdays

Boys and Girls accepted in all sections.

Sailing activities at: The Lane, West Mersea CO5 8NT

17th Colchester Sea Scout Group. The Arena Sport Centre, Circular Road East.

Group Scout Leader: Paula Deighton – Tel: 542008

Beaver Scouts Mon 1800-1900 hrs

Cub Scouts Thur 1830-2000 hrs

Scouts Wed 1930-2130 hrs


Sailing activities at: The Lane, West Mersea CO5 8NT

1st Colchester Air Scout Group, The Bunting Road, Essex Street.

Group Scout Leader: Matt Lott - 07545 473060

Beaver Scouts Thur 1745-1900 hrs

Cub Scouts Mon 1815-1945 hrs

Cub Scouts Tue 1815-1945 hrs

Scouts Wed 1915-2100 hrs

Explorer Scouts

Enquiries concerning Explorer Scouts (age 14-18 years) should be made to Ben Hart - email

Scout Network

Enquiries concerning Scout Network (age 18-25 years) should be made to Ian Hopkins email

Colchester Scout Band

Contact: Ian Hopkins email

Age range 9 years and upwards and should be active members of the Scout Association. Adult Leaders, Skills Instructors and Helpers welcomed. All instruments supplied.

Meetings Tue 1830-2030 hrs

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